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Here you can find inspiration from our communities journey, knowledge, and updates. Introductory text for the blog / journeys page. It will probably be better to have one page with all the blog stylew content within it. Makes the website less code heavy.

Thomas’s Journey

Thomas came to Aspire wanting efficiency in his workouts. As director of a corporate company in the city, time is precious.

Through working with Lloyd in personal training sessions and incorporating extra swim, run and yoga sessions, he’s improved his health tenfold. Increasing his mobility, movement, strength and flexibility has a mental benefit to him, allowing him to switch off from the office when needed and return more productive.

With twin baby girls and a 9 year old son at home he needs all the energy he can get! His new found routine enables him to help out more with the kids when he returns home and enjoy time playing with them.

A keen Liverpool fan, social league soccer player and all around friendly Scotsman, Thomas is a great example of our #dowhatyoucando philosophy in action!

Thomas Client Journey