Personal Training

Our team is extremely passionate about helping anyone and everyone with their personal training needs regardless of ability, age or exercise experience. 

We encourage all clients to focus on feeling good mentally through exercise participation and to let the physical results take care of themselves. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers will assist this process by guiding clients through age-appropriate, personalised programs that are suitable to their mental health & physical needs.

One on One Personal Training

One on one training is the most personalised session available and ideal for any client regardless of age or ability who would like expert advice on their technique or intensive training and attention. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone & strengthen or simply improve your movement and mobility, Aspire has the right practitioner for you.

Small Group Personal Training

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Small group workouts (consisting of two or more people) are an excellent way to reduce the cost of training while still receiving the quality supervision and personalised attention of Personal Training. Train with your partner, friend or a small group of friends to maximise your results and minimise the cost.

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