Client journeys with Aspire Personal Training

Group Classes

Our group training programs are suitable for all fitness levels. They are planned to safely challenge you with adequate supervision and assistance. We pride ourselves on an ego-free club environment where trainers and members alike support, encourage, and motivate each other to get the most out of each session. 

We offer a well-rounded mix of fitness classes across both our Osborne Park and City Beach locations and members are welcome to mix and match venues to suit their schedules. 

Group Fitness Classes


A 45-minute practice to tone, isolate and lengthen muscles through fundamental Pilates movements. This mat-based class is designed as active recovery and will improve your strength, balance and posture.


A class for the girls! Join like-minded females in this strength focused class with short and sharp intensity to develop lean muscles and tone the glutes, abs and arms.


These signature sessions are a combination of resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning. Each class will leave your legs a little jelly, lungs a little heavy and the smile a little brighter as you get through each challenge with a supportive team around you.


Always different, always challenging. This functional fitness class will improve your athletic ability through high energy, low impact movements, resistance and interval training. Performed in a non-competitive, no ego, #dowhatyoucando environment.


A blend of movements designed to enhance posture, coordination balance and strength. These sessions are low impact and easily modified to all ability levels.


These sessions incorporate traditional strength training with functional accessory movements. Through 6-week tailored blocks, improve your technique, strength and track your progress. Each week combines the major human movements into a balanced mix of Pull, Push, Hinge, Squat and Rotation.


A chance to catch up with the boys, shoot some hoops and throw some weights around! This is predominantly a strength training session in an ego free environment largely focused on many of the upper body favourites.


Grab a partner, strap on a vest and punch your way through these high-energy hit-outs! Our boxing classes are what sweaty dreams are made of. We combine aqua punching bags, partnered boxing, and ANKORR (bungee harness) training. You’ll be sure to have fun while seriously testing your fitness, coordination, speed and boxing technique.


A unique flow of human & primal movement patterns coupled with functional strength and cardiovascular fitness. This class will improve the efficiency of your movement through heightened mobility, coordination, strength through range, endurance, power and speed. Expect to build mental resilience by challenging every aspect of your fitness.


Join our recovery range of sessions for injury rehabilitation, regaining mobility, restoring muscle movement or to simply improve overall strength and wellbeing. Our services include Reformer Pilates, Sauna Therapy, Nutritional Consultation and Cold-Water Immersion.

Sunday Sesh

On Sunday’s we rest and restore offering an ‘open gym’ service. Members are welcome to grab a friend or a partner and get down to the gym to work on things they have missed during the week or to actively recover and restore. Perhaps you need to dust off the cobwebs from the night before, want to work through a slower-paced strength session or fancy a roll and release. Either way we'll have you back ready to attack Monday!