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Blakes Journey

Blake reluctantly joined us a few years back as part of his company’s corporate health and wellness program with the simple goal of getting more exercise into his routine.

Struggling through just one session a week initially, it took consistency and hard work to break his existing habits. Not long after Blake started to make small but consistent changes to his nutrition (including a bourbon or two less on the weekend!) coupled with two weekly sessions his life took on a new lease.

Blake began noticing an extra spring in his step and a positive change in his body shape and overall mental state.  Now over 20kg lighter and in the best shape of his life, he’s doing tremendous things with his career and family.

He mixes training with paddleboard sessions, skating and Muay Thai with the kids. He’s an absolute legend of a bloke and an inspiration to his young family! We love having you down and keep up the fantastic work!