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Connie came to Aspire looking to increase her strength and find dedication to her fitness routine.

As our very first client at Aspire, she has immersed herself in personalised sessions with Lloyd as well as weekly Pilates and swimming sessions. For over 15 years she has committed to training up to four times a week and the results go well beyond the physical.

Over the course of this time, life has thrown Connie difficult challenges, including bowel cancer, which she has since successfully battled and overcome.  She is back living her best life, running her businesses, travelling WA with her husband Jim on the back of a motorbike, exploring the world (when she can) and experiencing life to its fullest! 

Connie is living proof that dedication and a positive outlook to health and overall wellness can carry you through the most significant of life’s challenges. She remains an absolute inspiration to us all!

Connies fitness journey Aspire