Performance training

Performance Training

The Performance element of Aspire has been created with our elite and aspiring athletes in mind and for anyone wanting to maximise their results. Join our personal training or group fitness sessions to unleash your athletic potential today! 

Our Sports Scientists, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Movement Coaches implement tailored programs for squads and individuals to optimise athlete human performance. Drastically improve flexibility & mobility, functional strength, power, speed, and agility to give you the best chance of success.


Squad and individual Strength & Conditioning is offered to those wanting to take their athleticism to the next level in their given sport. Our periodised programs are designed to safely build the strength required for your sport while maintaining or improving mobility. Our sessions will develop your cardiovascular fitness, speed & agility and power output giving you the best opportunity to excel.

Sports Specific

Aspire has worked with professional UFC Fighters, Super Rugby, AFL, Tennis & Netball players as well as the Australian Kookaburras. We have also worked locally with several squad & school sporting teams such as Scotch College, Hale School, UWA Football, Rugby & Hockey and would love to help you or your squad today!


Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, this animalistic training style centres on human movement patterns & bodyweight strength through range. It truly bridges the gap between Strength & Conditioning programs and the core strength, flexibility & mobility gains associated with Yoga and Pilates. It is implemented across the globe by professional UFC athletes, NFL, Rugby Union & League teams as well as the Army & SAS. It is beneficial to athletes in ANY sport and available to anyone up for the challenge!

Pre Season

Aspire has worked with multiple teams and individual athletes to best prepare them in their chosen sport for the season or event ahead. We develop well rounded, balanced programs to help bulletproof and condition athletes and give them the best chance of success when it comes to competition.

Speed and Agility

The focus of this type of training is to develop quality straight-line speed and ‘quickness’ and protection of your joints through change of direction. This is critical to most sports and can be developed through correct strength training, plyometric efforts, sprinting and mobility.

Athlete Recovery

Join our Yoga, Mat or Reformer Pilates sessions or simply kick back, relax and breathe in our Infra-Red Sauna or Cold Water Immersion sessions. Let your body actively recover from sporting contests or heavy training loads to optimise your performance.

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