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The Sessions

Why have we been tracking you?

No, not through a GPS. Your benchmark and six rep strength tests!

We think tracking your progress makes for more efficient training sessions, can give you a progressive pathway back from injury and creates accountability and a benchmark for you.

How can you track your sessions? Join our six-week blocks that allow you to test your strength and endurance movements in an ego-free supportive environment and re-test the same movements six weeks later after completing a well-rounded, structured program.

(You can join our blocks at any time and our trainers will be happy to bring you up to speed).


Speaking of relaxing, our sauna is now complete at our Osborne Park gym. We invite you to book in, breathe and take some time for yourself while experiencing the many mental and physical health benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy.

Why infrared? This type of sauna creates a ‘deeper’ sweat, penetrating into your subcutaneous tissue to release up to 40% more toxins from the skin. It helps take pressure off the liver and kidneys and has been shown to improve mood and skin.

It’s an excellent stress reliever and it encourages the release of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

Our tip, pair it up with a cold water dip after for the ultimate boost!

Even better.. As an Aspire unlimited member, you get one complimentary session per month. This can be used as a private session or shared with a friend/partner.  

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So what are you waiting for?