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If you haven’t already registered your spot, join our transformative 6-Week Winter Warmer Challenge designed to build healthy habits, keep you motivated and inspired, consistent and strong this winter!

How It Works:

Body Scan Booking: Start by booking your body scan on Monday 8th or Wednesday 10th July here.

  • Weekly Structure: Each week, you will receive a mixture of online and in-person physical and mental health challenges, recommendations and tips & tricks.
  • Individual Habit Tracking: Print out or save to your phone our 30 day Habit Tracker and think about some personal goals that you’d like to achieve for your health and wellbeing – set realistic targets and we’ll provide the resources and motivation you need each week.
  • Prep Week: Begin with our prep week (from July 1st) where we will establish some simple yet fundamental habits that will set the foundations for personal growth.
  • Continuous Improvement: Set yourself up for success by focussing on the habits you can achieve even on your worst day, when life gets away from you! Then sleep, repeat and build on these slowly, aiming to become 1% better every day.
  • BONUS: Register a team of up to 4 participants from your company, and receive tailored small group training 1-2x weekly, to compliment the weekly 140 SGT classes, open Base Camp gym and online information in this challenge. Keep yourself and your colleagues accountable, have some fun and we’ll set you up for the best chance of success!
  • Prizes: Individual and team prizes to be won, more info on this to come.

The 140 & Aspire team have come together to provide everything you need to succeed in this challenge, from a fully equipped gym to complimentary classes and online resources delivered directly to your inbox. We would love for you to get on board and take this opportunity to elevate your health and well-being. Please contact us with any questions or queries and we look forward to getting stuck in next week!

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