sports recovery


Whether you’re recovering from a sporting or work injury, have pre-existing conditions, or simply want to nourish your body and maximise your performance, Aspire has the practitioner for you.



Our senior Physiotherapy staff are passionate about getting you back to pain free range of motion and assisting you with hands on rehabilitation. Our aim is to get you off the treatment bed and back onto the gym floor as soon as possible with a realistic and functional routine to get you moving and feeling better. We are passionate about focusing on the the movements that you CAN do, rather than those you CAN’T to get you actively recovering and into a positive mind set.

Exercise Rehabilitation


Our Movement Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Strength & Conditioning coaches are on hand to help improve your range of motion following injury, surgery or treatment. We are not only passionate about improving your quality of life and regaining pain free movement, but also helping to bulletproof you from future injury by building you back balanced and stronger than before.

Infrared Sauna Therapy


Relax, breathe and take some time for you. Experience the many mental and physical health benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy. This ‘deeper’ sweat penetrates the subcutaneous tissue to release more toxins from the skin, helps take pressure off the liver and kidneys and has been shown to improve mood, skin and even life expectancy! It’s an excellent stress reliever and aids muscle recovery, helping to compliment your weekly training regimes. As an Aspire unlimited member, you are entitled to one complimentary 60 min session per month for you and a friend, so what are you waiting for!



Cold water immersion constricts the body’s blood vessels and aids in flushing toxins from the body. It also has immense benefits in the reduction of inflammation and swelling throughout the body. After exiting the spa your body naturally begins to heat itself back up and the blood vessels that were constricted now expand, allowing blood flow. This constriction and expansion of the blood vessels can have a lasting effect on blood pressure, overall circulation, and health throughout the body. The recovery benefits are incredible but pushing the limits of the body helps train and strengthen the mind, building resilience. Combine the infra red sauna and cold water immersion with breath-work and experience the natural high today!

Private Reformer Pilates


Our Reformer Pilates sessions will safely encourage stretching and strengthening of the muscles in a controlled and supervised fashion. This is a fantastic way to to improve muscle weaknesses and imbalances in the body and particularly beneficial to those new to resistance training or recovering from injury.

Nutritional Consultation


Looking for expertise and clarification in the often confusing world of nutrition? Want to improve your daily habits and help power your training while improving your recovery? We’re here to help. Our aim is to give you the education and guidance to create sustainable habits which can be seamlessly implemented into your everyday life for long term success. We believe food should not only be seen as a fuel, but also as a celebration of life. Our programs are designed to teach you balanced, sustainable eating habits that empower you to achieve the results you desire.